Supporting equitable access to legal and regulated psychedelic medicine for all Canadians.


Working with partners in government, business, and the community, MAPS Canada is committed to advancing psychedelic medicine by supporting scientific, multidisciplinary research; advocating for drug policy reform; offering public education; and supporting equitable access to legal and regulated psychedelic medicine in Canada.


MAPS Canada School of Psychedelics

The MAPS Canada School of Psychedelics provides education to promote safe, legal, and equitable access to psychedelic medicines. The school provides programs for everyone from clinicians and researchers to policymakers and to anyone interested in learning more about psychedelics.

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Balancing Safety and Access in Psychedelic Regulations Webinar Series

Wed, May 24, 2023 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM PDT

The use of psychedelic plants for ceremony and healing is a tradition that is thousands of years old and has its roots in Indigenous communities all over the globe. As such, it is essential that models of psychedelic healing have a deep understanding and respect for Indigenous healing practices and ways of knowing.

Our most recent webinar, Balancing Safety and Access in Regulations for Psychedelics, explores the complex issues surrounding psychedelic regulations in various contexts and from different perspectives.

The government of Canada states that it “recognizes that all relations with Indigenous peoples need to be based on the recognition and implementation of their right to self-determination, including the inherent right of self-government.” The right of Indigenous peoples to use traditional and plant medicines for ceremonial and sacred use is also recognized.

As nations, including Canada, are moving forward with regulating psychedelics, medical models are being proposed with respect to psychedelic treatment for mental health.

What is the potential impact of these regulatory models on Indigenous approaches to healing? How can Canada’s federal and provincial governments learn from and respect Indigenous communities in this changing regulatory landscape?

Join MAPS Canada as we discuss these topics with Indigenous leaders, healers, and activists from Sacred Circle, an Indigenous health and wellness organization offering transformational healing programs for all, based on traditional Indigenous, holistic and modern health practices.

May be eligible for CE credits.

*Recording will be available for 30 days after the event for the same email address that was used to register

Psychedelic Authors Book Fair

Qi Integrated Health - 1764 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Sunday, June 11 - 12:00PM - 4:00PM PDT

Join us for a Psychedelics Book Fair with renowned British Columbian authors in support of the EXPAND Study, organized by MAPS Canada.

MAPS Canada Podcast Relaunch

The MAPS Canada Youtube channel is getting active again, and will be bringing new content! Keep your eyes out for the re-launch of the MAPS

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