Since 2011, MAPS Canada’s mission has been to change the way people relate to psychedelics by providing evidence-based, honest, public education about the risks and benefits of psychedelic medicine. MAPS Canada is entirely funded by public donations, and your support makes all the difference.

Check out our crowdfunding campaign, all the money pledged goes directly towards MAPS Canada. This is the future MAPS Canada envisions and is tirelessly working towards. With your support, we can reimagine mental health care using the transformative power of psychedelics through safe, legal, and equitable access. At MAPS Canada, our mission is to expand safe, legal, and equitable access to psychedelics. To accomplish this, MAPS Canada is dedicated to supporting research, advocating for drug policy reform, offering public education, and working with community to promote a favourable medical, legal, and cultural context for the beneficial use of psychedelics.  

This is an important time for laying the foundations for psychedelics in Canada. Your support is essential to help us move forward to create a world where psychedelics are legally, equitably, and affordably accessible and are used safely, free from stigma, and informed by research evidence and ancestral and cultural knowledge and experience. 

Our immediate goal for this crowdfunding campaign is to raise $250,000. This is a crucial time for MAPS Canada. Our ability to drive meaningful change lies in our fundraising initiatives, every contribution, whether large or small, is integral to continuing our essential national work.

Please donate today to MAPS Canada via PayPal, CanadaHelps.

Other Ways To Donate

If you would like, you can mail a cheque to us personally. Please email to arrange this. Our mailing address is 777 Hornby Street Suite 600, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1S4

You can also make donations via e-transfer to When making your donation, please indicate whether you would like a tax receipt issued, whether the funds are designated for a certain study and any other important information associated with your donation. 

Tax Receipts

CanadaHelps automatically issues official tax receipts for all donations made through our online form.

For donations made through other available channels (ie. by cheque and e-transfer) tax receipts will be issued by MAPS Canada. You can email to request a tax receipt if you do not automatically receive one.