MAPS Canada Webinar Series: Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance

Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance

We are in the middle of the psychedelic renaissance. With research projects and decriminalization proposals popping up across North America and with MDMA on the verge of approval as a treatment for PTSD, psychedelic therapy is on track to become the next major breakthrough in mental health care.

MAPS Canada has supported studies to develop psychedelics into safe and legal medical treatments since its formation in 2008. Currently, MAPS Canada is funding two separate studies on MDMA and  cognitive processing therapy as a treatment for PTSD. Additionally, plans to fund studies that identify psychedelic treatments for eating disorders and others that involve Ibogaine are in the works.

To conduct and publish scientific research and education supporting the beneficial use of psychedelic medicines, MAPS Canada relies on public donations and fundraising initiatives. To support its mission MAPS Canada is launching a new webinar series, entitled “Examining The Psychedelic Renaissance”.

The 14 episode webinar series will showcase luminaries in the field of psychedelic research from around the world. Each live session will consist of a presentation from an esteemed thought leader, followed by a Q&A with the audience. The webinars will air every Tuesday from 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM PST (6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EST).

Presenters include:

• Mark Haden (Psychologist & MAPS Canada Executive Director) – May 26th
• Nan Shuni Giron (Mayan Ajq’iij & Shamanic Plant Healer) – June 2nd
• Chris Kilham (Author, Educator, Medicine Hunter & Ethnobotanist) – June 9th
• Dennis McKenna (Ethnopharmacologist) – June 16th
• Paul Stamets (Mycologist, Author, Entrepreneur) – June 23rd
• Rick Doblin (MAPS Founder) – June 30th
• Erika Dyck (Professor & Historian) – July 7th
• Zoe Helene (Cultural Activist & Cosmic Sister Founder) – July 14th
• Chris Dyer (Canadian/Peruvian Artist) – July 21st
• Duncan Trussel (Stand-up Comedian & Actor, TV Producer) – July 28th
• Kuauhtli (Ceremonial Leader & Human Rights Activist) – August 4th
• Monica Williams (Clinical Psychologist) – August 11th
• Bia Labate (Anthropologist, Educator, Founder Chacruna Institute) – August 18th
• Wade Davis (Anthropologist, Professor) – August 21st

To make the webinar series affordable, the organization has priced the series at an extremely affordable $111 for the 14 episodes. Single episodes are available for $22 each, with discounted rates for students, seniors and those affected by COVID-19. All proceeds will directly support MAPS Canada. By participating in this webinar series, you will bring us one-step closer to a world where psychedelic therapies are legally and widely available. Tickets can be purchased online at

1 thought on “MAPS Canada Webinar Series: Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance”

  1. So glad this renaissance is happening.
    Just began my PhD in ecology and consciousness at
    Deadhead, Psychonaut, read Grof as a teen and delighted with the Canadian content of this series.
    Also looking for funding and work to continue these conversations.
    Thank you
    Tamara Litke
    BA BFA MEd

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