Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance Season 2 – Episode 11 – Cannabis Awakening – Cannabis as a Master Plant and Her Significant Leadership Role in This Time of Great Transition

In episode 11 of Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance, Josh and Kelly of Dragonfly Earth Medicine will be joined by Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary’s Delphina Dorrance, to discuss cannabis’ transformative potential.

Date: Tuesday, December 1st

Time: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM PST (8:00 PM – 9:30 PM EST)

The therapeutic properties of cannabis benefit mankind at a time of crisis. Deemed essential in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic, the plant medicine has been legitimized by regulatory frameworks around the world. A casualty of the drug war, cannabis and its communities have been heavily stigmatized, with medical trials pivotal to turn the tide of public opinion. By breaking into the mainstream, the plant has forged a path for other entheogens to follow, with psilocybin mushrooms the next domino to fall.

About Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn

With a deep connection to mother earth, Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn seek to protect the environment through regenerative farming. Harnessing closed-loop agriculture to promote sustainability and self-sufficiency, their terraced farm in B.C. is gravity watered to minimize environmental damage. The farm’s crops supply ingredients for Dragon Earth Medicine’s nutrient solutions, which have been carefully developed for both plants and humans.

Many of these solutions can be harnessed to cultivate organic cannabis, which Josh and Kelly say creates a healthy connection between mind, body and soil. The Dragon Medicine duo will be joined by Delphina Dorrance, who runs Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary nestled deep in California’s infamous Emerald Triangle.

About Delphina Dorrance

The Emerald Triangle, which comprises Humboldt, Mendicino and Trinity Counties, is the beating heart of Californian cannabis cultivation. The region sits on roughly the same latitude as the Hindu Kush, with genetics transplanted from the famed mountain range thriving in the Northern California climate.

At Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary in Humboldt County, Delphina cultivates love for self, community and the earth. The eco-retreat combines yoga, massage and the natural arts to empower personal growth and collective unity. An integral community hub for other forty years, Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary has seen the local cannabis industry undergo significant transformation.

In the upcoming webinar, Josh, Kelly and Delphina will explore the use of cannabis to create a stronger connection with mother earth and alleviate the stress of modern life. To learn more about Dragonfly Earth Medicine and Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary, please follow the respective links.


Examining the Psychedelic Renaissance – Season 2 has three different price points , starting from $75.00 for the full 15 episodes. Single episodes are available for $15 each, with discounted rates for students, seniors and those affected by COVID-19. If cost is a barrier for your participation, please email webinar@mapscanada.org for a complimentary ticket. Tickets can be purchased online at www.mapscanada.org/webinar

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