Announcing Mark Haden’s Resignation From MAPS Canada

Dear MAPS Canada Community,

The Board of Directors of MAPS Canada is sad to announce the departure of Mark Haden as Executive Director. Mark founded MAPS Canada in 2011 and over the past 10 years has built the organization from the ground up to the expansive and successful non-profit that it is today. MAPS Canada has grown from being a small startup non-profit organization with volunteers gathering in a basement to a national organization composed of hundreds of volunteers that span across Canada and beyond.

Under Mark’s steady leadership, MAPS Canada has:

  1. Raised over a million dollars towards psychedelic research and public education.
  2. Built a network of therapists, physicians, lawyers, researchers and philanthropists who are dedicated to psychedelic healing
  3. Developed and formalized our internal volunteer committee structures and processes
  4. Initiated a MAPS Canada Support Group in Toronto
  5. Published the first of its kind Psychedelic Guide Manual
  6. Built new strategic partnerships for the organization across Canada
  7. Contributed to organizational growth in many areas, from research, media presence, fundraising, to board development
  8. Guided the organization through its latest strategic development process

The Board is indebted to Mark for leaving MAPS Canada in a solid position for continued growth and service to the psychedelic community at large, and for initiating the development of a clear strategic plan outlining the organization’s upcoming goals. Over the next month, we will conduct a search to find our next Executive Director. In the meantime, we will work with Mark to ensure the transition moves forward smoothly and efficiently. We will be posting the job announcement soon and ask that you keep in mind any possible candidates in your networks.

The Board of Directors sincerely wishes Mark the absolute best for his next chapter and we look forward to seeing what that entails. We are extremely grateful for the dedication and endless enthusiasm he has given MAPS Canada over the years. MAPS Canada simply would not exist today if it were not for Mark. His commitment and passion will be missed.  We look forward to continuing to serve our mission of legalizing psychedelic medicines and building on the legacy that Mark is leaving behind.

You can read Mark’s personal address to the community below…

If you have any questions or concerns during this transition, please don’t hesitate to reach us directly:

Mark’s Letter to the MAPS Canada Community

With a strange mixture of sadness, trepidation, and excitement I would like to announce that 10 years after I started MAPS Canada, I believe it is time for me to move on.   I have been considering this transition for a while and I believe that the timing is good now, as MAPS Canada rests comfortably on a stable foundation, is in a period of rapid growth, has dedicated and skillful staff and a strong Board of Directors.  I am confident that the board will select the right successor to lead MAPS Canada into the bright future. As I write this my heart is overflowing with a huge appreciation for all the amazing volunteers who have offered MAPS Canada their valuable time, abundant energy, knowledge, skills and above all passion for the legalization of psychedelics.  We are all part of a community, a diverse community, an impassioned community, sometimes a turbulent community, but we are still a community.   We are bound together by the shared vision that we can actually legalize psychedelics and integrate these amazing experiences into the fabric of our society.  As we all know, psychedelics are powerful tools for healing, psycho / spiritual explorations, couples bonding and so much more. Our whole society needs these tools now more than ever.   While I will no longer be the Executive Director of MAPS Canada, I will still be playing a role in psychedelic legalization, as I will be involved in Psygen, a Canadian company which offers manufacturing of psychedelics and clinical trials, both of which are important in moving the legalization agenda forward.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your friendship, support, and passion to this amazing cause.

My heart opens.


Mark Haden

Soon to be Ex Executive Director -MAPS Canada

Job Posting for MAPS Canada Executive Director

2 thoughts on “Announcing Mark Haden’s Resignation From MAPS Canada”

  1. Hi. Sad to see you go. All the best. Are you still doing the webinar, How to Trip Sit? And I need a link for the book. Thank you.
    Brenda D

  2. Wow! Mark, you deserve the best life has to offer after all the blood, sweat, and tears you have poured into MAPS Canada and the movement as a whole, making the world a better place for sure. Congratulations on your shift to Psygen, and we all look forward to seeing what’s next on the horizon. The community celebrates you as we wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for all your hard work, persistence, and dedication. Hope our paths cross soon!

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