Announcing the MAPS Canada Podcast

Dear MAPS Canada Community, 

We are very excited to be announcing the release of our brand new MAPS Canada Podcast. This is a project that has been completely spearheaded by our volunteer Podcast Committee and has been building momentum behind the scenes since last fall. Our team has been hard at work drafting up a vision of what we want to offer with this medium and taking the time to build up some content so that you can tune into new episodes every two weeks for this first season starting on April 19th – Happy Bicycle Day!

The podcast will aim to highlight influential scientists, historians, and other eminent researchers at the front lines of the psychedelics renaissance. We’ll explore some of the most central discussions and debates in psychedelics literature, dive deep on the early psychedelics research throughout Canada starting in the 1950s, look at the role music plays in psychedelic assisted therapy, and eventually explore the use of psychedelic plants as entheogens by various cultures throughout history.

As mentioned, this project is entirely spearheaded by our dedicated team of volunteers and we are super grateful for all the energy and hard work that has been put into this project so far. It’s truly been a team effort and we’re excited to be moving forward with such a strong group. We sincerely hope you enjoy the first few episodes of our show and encourage you to submit any feedback or suggestions you might have to This is just the start of our podcasting journey and we’ve got plenty of exciting ideas ahead!


The MAPS Canada Podcast Team

Quotes From Team Members

“Being a part of this team and working alongside people who share the same interests and goals has been inspiring. We have learned so much about psychedelics, it’s fascinating history, and what’s yet to come. I’m looking forward to connecting with the community and putting more content out in the future. I hope everyone enjoys the podcast!” 

Jaipreet – Podcast Research Lead

“The best part about being involved in this project is getting to work closely with other like-minded people who are just as passionate about psychedelics, and are eager to make their benefits more widely known. Even though we haven’t been able to connect in person, it’s amazing what we’ve accomplished working together, from the comfort of our own homes. I hope this show can help get us to more fruitful conversations between the psychedelic community and skeptics – ones that start on the right foot, and get us to prioritize each other’s well-being.”

Sid – Host and Podcast Research Team

“This is an exciting time to be researching psychedelics in Canada—we are seeing promising results in the treatment of trauma, end of life anxiety, depression and addiction and the FDA has designated MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as a breakthrough therapy—and we couldn’t be more stoked to talk about it! It has been very inspiring to be part of a dynamic team who encourage critical and transparent dialogue around the therapeutic uses of psychedelics. The times are changing and so are the conversations around psychedelics and never before have we seen such success in this approach becoming accessible to people in a safe and compassionate way.”

Bex – Podcast Research Team

“Being involved with the podcast team has allowed me to broaden my understanding and knowledge of psychedelics; looking at the field from many different perspectives. Working alongside a dedicated team of volunteers whose interest in psychedelics stems from a variety of backgrounds has been inspiring and deepened my belief that we can all benefit, in some way, from these amazing substances.”

Sean – Podcast Research Team

“All the work at MAPS is about bringing people & knowledge together— we’re all connected. The same goes for the ancestors that came before us, hence why looking back is so important. The history is rich. Full of learnings. We’re part of a movement that is so much bigger than us. It preceded us and it will continue long after us and this is our humble imprint in the story. Working with a team that puts this before all else has been enlightening, refreshing and inspiring.”

Fran – MAPS Canada Marketing Lead

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