Special Access Program Tip Sheet

Our SAP Tip Sheet is now live! Learn how you can access Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PAT) through Health Canada’s SAP program. You can find tips and templates to streamline your application process here:

🌟 Navigate the PAT application process with ease through our step-by-step guidance.
🌟 Prepare for success by learning about common responses and feedback from Health Canada.
🌟 Find answers to your questions and address any uncertainties that may arise.
🌟 Access simple SAP templates to streamline your application and meet documentation requirements.

This comprehensive tool was co-developed by prescribers, providers, and patients of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy from across Canada. If you’re interested in joining our Community of Practice, email sap-cop@mapscanada.org

We’re proud to provide a space for professionals to connect, learn, and collaborate. If you’d like to support the SAP Tip Sheet initiative, please consider making a donation to MAPS Canada

Access the tip sheet here! 

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